Speed up your dial-up connection

Can't get DSL? Get near DSL speed with your existing dialup service.

Speed up your dial-up connection

Propel Software Corporation , a leader in dial-up Web acceleration, Propel solves a problem that affects millions of dial-up users: slow internet dial-up connections. Propel Accelerator speeds up dial-up browsing, making Web sites load up to 5 times faster. Propel Accelerator subscribers can purchase a subscription for $59.95 per year or $7.95 per month. Propel Accelerator has won industry awards such as CNET's Editor's Choice and ZDNet Editor's Choice awards, and received critical acclaim from reviewers at the Washington Postand the Mercury News to name a few.

Speed up your dial-up connection

Make your dialup service 5 times faster!
Speed up your dial-up connection by up to 5 times
Propel Accelerator - The fastest way to surf over dial-up!

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