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THE VOTES ARE IN: In the category of "Best Affiliate Programs", our top winner for Best Web Affiliate 2000 is
Awarded the ultimate honor of Five Gold Stars, the KwikMed Affiliate Program takes home BEST GUIDE's most coveted prize accolade. And here's why:
KwikMed Inc. is the largest retailer of Viagra in the world, in large part due to their succesful webmaster affiliation program. By simply placing a link on your existing site or in your Ezine to KwikMed, you can earn up to a $46 referral fee for every order that comes from your link...every month.
You also make money on sales generated by others, as long as you referred them in the first place. This two-tier downline effect makes KwikMed stand out from other affiliate programs, where you have to do all the sales work yourself. With KwikMed, even if you don't make sales directly, you still earn.Just refer one or two sites with lots of traffic, and you are making good money with no further effort.
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Featured Category:

Annual Awards, 2000 Edition

KwikMed, Inc. ("Five Gold Stars")"Best Web Affiliate '99")

           This year's choice: BEST GUIDE picks KwikMed as #1.
1999 and 2000 Best Web Affiliate KwikMed's award-winning Viagra website
Top Placement:, the web's best
affiliate program 1999 AND 2000, two years in a row,
and ultimate earner.

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