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We at Sale Bazaar endeavour to bring you the best of Web Services special rates and offers: ProStores — Skype — Lunarpages — PeoplePC — ONSPEED — BT Total Broadband — Carphone Warehouse — NAR = National Alert Registry — ND = Net Detective

ProStores - an eBay Company? Everything you ned to create your own Web Store

Skype? More ways to enjoy talking for free

Skype? Connect anywhere there is wireless network

Skype? Call USA and Canada for 1.4p a minute

Lunarpages? 1500GB of storage and 15000GB of transfer for only $6.95

350GB and 3500GB for $6.95 a month!

PeoplePC Online? Click here now for low cost Internet service!

PeoplePC Accelerated - $5.47/Mo for 3 Months

ONSPEED? ONSPEED is the way to wake up your dial up, transform a narrow band dial up connection to near broadband speeds.

ONSPEED - The Aternative To Broadband

Carphone Warehouse?

NAR = National Alert Registry — Does a sexual offender live in your neighborhood?

ND = Net Detective — Investigate Anything About Anyone

BigCommerce - Ecommerce is now a $10 billion per year industry. Don't get left behind. Create your free online store with BigCommerce now!

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